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A Good List

I LOVE  a good list, so here is a round-up of the first tour in 15 points!

  1. 15 enthusiastic people
  2. 8 different stops
  3. 1 gorgeous sun
  4. 7 different drinks
  5. One and ONLY Peace bridge
  6. 10,000 steps (Yes you will get your daily recommended step target in. But don’t worry its all on the flat & you gotta build your appetite between stops!)
  7. 1 Anniversary
  8. 2 Birthdays
  9. 15 new friends
  10. Over 100 new connections made with our local businesses and producers
  11. 1 return visit to a stop immediately after the tour finished. Success in itself
  12. 15 full bellies and satisfied faces
  13. 1 goodie bag
  14. 5 lovely reviews here

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